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Photo Type

Green Screen

Our Green Screen (Chromakey) technology allows our customers to be placed in a scenario befitting your visitor attraction. Customers can stand in front of one of our Green Screen displays and within an instant the background transforms into anything your imagination can think of.

Green Screen is used to create incredible photographic moments that simply cannot be replicated using standard photography, thus giving all of your customers a unique memory for them to take home when visiting your attraction. All of your own company branding can be placed within each Green Screen photo.


Our traditional photography offering is where the natural landscapes / views / scenes in your visitor attraction represent the best possible way for your customers to receive their own unique photographic moment when visiting your site.

We can offer any number of traditional photography solutions from:

Live Photography: Moments are created by picking the best possible natural backdrop where photos can be taken, usually at fixed place(s) in your visitor attraction. Having a fixed solution allows for photographic shots to be consistently dazzling.

Roving Photography: If you need a more flexible option, then we also provide Roving or Walkabout Photography whereby we can train members of staff to rove about your visitor attractions to capture different moments for different customers. This can be a very effective solution for visitor sites where a high proportion of customers are repeat, member based populations whereby it is necessary to give your customer a unique photographic moment time in and time out.


We can offer a combination of the different photography offerings, with flexible solutions to suit your needs. For example, if you would like a green screen solution in one area of your attraction and roving photography in another area, we can accommodate this into one overall solution for you.