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Media Type


We use the latest in dye-sublimation printer technology and can accommodate any number of photos size from 6 x 4 all the up to 6 x 9. Our 6 x 9 print can be printed in 10 seconds so there will be no intrusive wait times for your customers.

Multiple printers can be implemented while one photo is being printer, another can be printed simultaneously.

This type of setup can be used in visitor attractions where multiple photographic shots (be it green screen or traditional photos) are being taken.


Our digital photography platform lets all of your customer photos to be sent digitally to them, complete with your company branding on each photograph.

Customers can be sent their photos direct to their emails where they can then save these mementos to their own personal digital collections and also share these photos online through various Social Media outlets including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

What better way to promote your own visitor attraction through the power of Social Media being harnessed by your happy customers.


We can also provide a flexible solution where we can offer both printed and digital imagery to your customers.

We can provide all required hardware for a printed solution which simultaneously allows the sale of digital photos so your customers can receive a Printed photo directly into their hands and a digital photo directly to their phone/tablet instantly.