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Delivery Type

Shop POS System

We can integrate our photography solutions into your own existing workflows, by integrating our system into your existing shops. This reduces the need to have additional staff members on hand to sell photos in a separate manner.


Increased indirect sales – Customers are more likely to buy additional items in your store when purchasing their photographs from within your existing shop.

Less Staffing Overhead – No need to have separate staff just for photo sales.

Training – All staff will be given full training on the photography system.

Self Service System

We can also provide a Service Service Kiosk where customers can select their own photos, print them, and purchase digital photos at the touch of a button.

This eliminates the need for staff overhead in the sale of these incredible photographic memories.

In this technological age, Self Service is now used across multiple industries including Supermarkets and Fast Food retailer outlets as customers no longer want to wait in extended queues to pay for goods.

This gives the power back to your customers to choose whichever photographic package suits their needs and this can be delivered to them in seconds via our Dye-Sublimation printers and Digital platform solutions.