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Snap Happy Solutions

Capturing and immortalizing treasured moments in the lives of people through quality photographs (both digital and physical copies).
We are specialists in instant souvenir photography using high tech cameras installed in tourist hotspots such as Zoos, Theme parks, Malls, Sports Stadiums, Museums and many other attractions and events. We love to capture individuals and families while they are having a great time.

Snap Happy Solutions

Our cameras are strategically positioned for snaps of the highest quality which are then made available for purchase in both physical and digital forms. We work closely with our partners to tailor their requirements into solutions that work for their specific needs. Purchase prices for consumers are then made more affordable. We can also create and install photography solutions on a ‘no setup fee’ basis.

Our installations can be placed at theme parks, concert venues and various heritage sites and are a thorough, tried and uncomplicated solution which provides your customers a high quality photo of their most exciting moments, capturing their treasured memories.


Adding your brand logo and contact details in a watermark on all images delivers a huge marketing opportunity as your visitors share their digital memories on a wide range of social media.

Quality and Speed

Thanks to our advanced photo technology, we can print out a customers photo in under 12 seconds or else they can access it online digitally within minutes.

Adjustable Pricing

We offer a range of pricing options including a no set up fee plan and can offer a combination of the different photography offerings, with flexible solutions to suit your needs.